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RockHard Racing Battles to a Podium Finish

justin hallJustin Hall of RockHard Racing piloted his number 13 4500 class Samurai to a 3rd place finish at the Ultra 4 Carbon Offroad Fallon 250 in Fallon Nevada. This race would not come easy for Justin and his team.
While out prerunning the course Friday morning, Justin broke all the passenger front wheel studs off just 9 miles into the course which sent the tire 75 yards down the course and pitching the car sideways almost rolling it. Justin and Father/Co-Driver Mark, radioed in to the pits and out came the chase truck with parts to patch it enough to get the car back to the main pits to try and figure out a race ready solution before line up early Saturday morning. Justin had pit crewmembers coming in from Reno; they brought out new wheel studs and Justin proceeded to swap out the broken ones as well as the rest for added insurance.  Justin and Mark both did not get a chance to pre run the entire racecourse.

Race day would not go that easy either. The Fallon 250 is a 250-mile desert race consisting of 6, 41-mile loops, which makes it an endurance race. You cannot win if you do not make it to the finish.  The first lap would go pretty smoothly but around 6 miles into the 2nd lap the front driveline let go. The quickest fix was to just take it the rest of the way out and continue on in 2-wheel drive. The rest of the laps where fast laps, but Justin had to pit every lap because the rear axle housing cracked and would leak out the oil by the time he made it back to the pits. The crew members used all the spare oil, and borrowed other racers used gear oil to get him across the finish line.  The new ProComp 37in Xtreme MT2 tires were a great addition to the racecar, being extremely tough and reliable. A lot of tires were killed by other teams, Justin and Mark would suffer one flat tire on the last lap of the race when they went off the main line of the course to pass a slower moving vehicle and tagging a huge boulder that was not seen until it was too late.

Justin would like to thank his outstanding pit crew; with out them the race would have been over way before it even started. They were on top of everything and got Justin and Mark in and out of the pits extremely quick. To the other teams pit crews that came and helped as well, Thank You.

Justin would also like to thank all his Marketing Partners for supporting his race efforts. ProComp Tires, RuffStuff Specialties, JM Rigging, Nitro Gear and Axle, Dynomax Exhaust, MJ Motorsports, FabWorx Offroad, R&B Co., TK1 Racing, and South Bay Driveline, Savvy Offroad, All Terrain Fab, 208 Motorsports.


Be sure to keep an eye out for Justin and the RockHard Racing team at the Ultra 4 Nationals in Reno NV in October.


Picture Credit: Kelly Rene Photography

Facebook: @justinhalloffroad

Instagram: @rockhardracing

Twitter: @justin_hall713


Press Release Supplied By: Rock Hard Racing

Press Release Contact Email:  Justin@rockhard-racing.com



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