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LetzRoll Offroad Fallon 250 Race Report

Another race in the books and another finish in a tough tough race.
We had a dialed car ready to push hard for the race. We got a lucky draw and we were 2nd to go off the line. We knew we wanted clean air and if we could run a first lap clean, we would be in a good spot to race the rest of the 5 laps.
We pulled into first about 13 miles in after check 1. A few miles before we checked a rock real good in the fierce dust. I knew it was not good, but it was holding up. Running as fast as we could with the flat, the tire started coming apart around the 20ish mile. We knew we had to give up the lead, so we pulled over and swapped the tire.
The course was tough and rough and I knew I had to take it easy with no spare until we could get a new one loaded in the car. We raced 100+ mph through the desert trying to make up time and hit the pits. Our pit team was dialed! Cleanest stops we have ever had. We splashed fuel as well as took a new spare.
100 yards out of pit we lost our brakes. When the tire blew it took off the fitting on the caliper. We needed to keep the pressure on and I knew I would be driving in close to no visibility and 200 more miles not being able to stop! We would not have time to fix the brakes.
Pushing on through the worse dust I have ever been in, we pulled back into a 4th position with less than a lap and a half left. Then it happened… the same tire let go in about the same spot as the first time! Not good! Not good!
We were racing day light and some mean cars, but we fixed the flat and took off towards pits. We just did our best to keep the car together and not do anything dumb. We crossed the line and earned ourselves a 12th finish. Not what we wanted but sometimes you need to take the cards dealt and just make the best out of it.
I am incredibly thankful for my team. Some of the best in the business! The car ran great and we are proud to bring another finish home. Special thanks to our family, friends, and crew.