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Hovercraft as Off Road Recreational Vehicles

Hov PodHov Pod design and manufacture a range of innovative, easy to fly hovercraft. As an off-road vehicle, hovercraft handle any flat surface such as water, mud, sand, ice, snow, tarmac etc, and can go from one surface to another at speeds of up to 40 mph.

The Hov Pod hovers at a height of 9 inches – the natural air suspension makes the ride very comfortable – you glide and slide over waves, or other surfaces. With no propeller to worry about, you can fly over shallow, fast running water with ease. Hovercraft allow you to reach areas that would be difficult to reach by other vehicles. Reach your holiday home anytime of the year. Thinning ice in springtime is not a problem, as you fly over ice or water. There are different models available to take from 2 to up to 9 people. Hulls are made from Carbon Fibre / Kevlar and HDPE. For more information, please visit www.hovercraft.org


Press Release Supplied By: Mike Glanville

Press Release Contact Email: mike@hovpod.com

Photo Credit To: Hov Pod

Website: www.hovercraft.org


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