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AutoWerkzTV Partners With Via Corsa Magazine

AW Via Corsa AdAutoWerkz Media Limited is producing an AutoWerkzTV Original series with Via Corsa magazine to explore the world of adventure behind the wheel of your proud dream car.

Via Corsa, a nationally published magazine (www.viacorsa.com), is for automotive enthusiasts, produced by automotive enthusiasts. It takes you on the adventure of a lifetime. Via Corsa is at the nearest or farthest-reaching event or rally, experiencing adventures firsthand to put the viewer in the adventures themselves. The sports car is not necessarily the focus, but rather the scope of the sports car culture as a whole. Through this AutoWerkzTV Original series, Via Corsa will put the viewer in the passenger seat to take you on adventures with people, places, events… and drives.

The premier episode of the Via Cora AutoWerkzTV Original series will feature the Mille Miglia now being celebrated by the 2017 Ferrari Tribute to this historic event. Watch the promo here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rwaxsudw1xkjaql/Via_Corsa_Mille_Miglia_Promo_large.mp4?dl=0