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Andy Cohen Diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma

Andy CohenAndy Cohen is a true renaissance man, in all forms of the word.  He’s a marketing and public relations professional who has devoted his life to the automotive aftermarket.

Andy was born in New York in 1964.  His passion for the automotive aftermarket shows in the specialty vehicles that he has conceptualized, designed and constructed along with the products & companies that he’s promoted through the use of image vehicles.  Cohen completed the Administration of Justice Program at the University of California, Riverside.

In 1980, Cohen began racing sportsman class in drag racing on weekend in Englishtown, NJ.  In 1982 after graduating high school he sold his racecar and bought a Jeep CJ7 and shortly there after began racing for a small Off-Road repair shop called the 4 Wheel Drive Wizard.  The land on which they raced was owned by a local McDonalds franchisee and because of Cohen’s success, he made the decision to form his own race team and he began racing for him.   In 1984 he sold the land and that was the end of his mud bogging days.

Within months of purchasing his Jeep he began receiving issues of a magazine called Off-Road, the very first issue had a feature about the Baja 1000 and he was hooked.  He secured a job in Las Vegas and began pursuit of his dream to have a career in off-road racing.  Having no idea how costly it was going to be to race in the desert, he would have to find a way to build his own truck.  Until that time, he worked part-time and built relationships that would last a lifetime.

A race team was formed in 1986 and that would set the wheels in motion for building his own trucks, a team that would provide for his family until his retirement in 1992, but not before starting a new venture with Budweiser in 1991 by selling sponsors products off a promotional trailer at the races until 1993 when Budweiser would buy out Cohen and continue the program in house.

After retiring from racing he became involved with law enforcement as a volunteer for several years with the San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department and worked as a juvenile transport officer at a private school. For the past 30 years Cohen’s career as CEO and Founder of Finishlinewest has consisted of building image vehicles for both the end user and the automotive aftermarket.  Since 1995 he’s been building off road, pre-runner, tuner and SUV’s for upscale clients and from 1983 to present building show vehicles for SEMA.

He also heads several other successful subsidiaries; CooperCrap, specializing in developing, designing and manufacturing the aftermarket parts here in the USA for the MINI Cooper.  CooperCrap is the only company in the world that builds a lift kit for the MINI Cooper.  Caboose Trailers, which specializes in trailers for off road, military and law enforcement.  Caboose also builds small teardrop trailers, flatbed trailers and custom hitches for the small car market.  Stonehenge Series Hard Parts for Jeeps designs & manufactures products for the Jeep “JK” and finally Desert Trix Off Road, a fabrication shop for off road race vehicles specializing in Isuzu vehicles and developed the first aftermarket suspension system for the Isuzu P’up and Trooper.

As a publisher for Dual Sport Bike Test.com you’ll find online test and tech for the fastest growing segment in motorcycling, the Dual Sport.  We ride and test all dual sport motorcycles and the parts that make them better.

As a producer/show host for Don’t Make Me Stop This Car Productions Cohen specialized in both consumer how to tech and trade training videos.  Currently producing Road to SEMA, Ten Minute Tech, Dual Sport Bike Test and Sport Truck Connection.  Past shows have included Tuner Garage TV and American PreRunner, the series. Cohen is the founder and President of the Nomad MINIs Car Club, the largest in the world with members on every continent.

In addition to his successful businesses, he has been a voice over technician, a bodyguard; he’s an avid shooter & excellent marksman and collects gargoyles. “For someone who’s not supposed to be funny, you’re the funniest guy I know” – Henny Youngman (Cohen’s cousin) “Beware, the lollypop of mediocrity, lick it once and you will suck forever” – Andy Cohen  “For a guy who doesn’t think he’s a RockStar, always seems to have three things with him at all times, a Monster, his Oakley’s and an entourage” – Team CRAP

He currently resides in Oak Hills, CA with his wife and two dogs.  When he is not designing, fabricating, writing, producing or working with clients, Andy can be found out in the desert rock climbing, traveling side by side with his wife on their motorcycles, spending time with his kids and contemplating his next business venture.

Honors and Awards: Commanders Award, 1995 – San Bernardino County Sheriffs Dept, Resolution from the County of San Bernardino, 1995, Certificate of Appreciation from the Twin Peaks Line Reserves, 1995 and the March of Dimes Volunteer Award, 1996.

Specialties:  Full service marketing and cross promotion between the automotive industry and consumer goods, full service TV studio for video and static photography, business development, full service web design with shopping carts, graphic design, copy-writing, editing, photography, technical writing/instruction, merchandising, product design and packaging, product placement in the movies and TV, public relations, booth design and planning for both public and industry trade shows.

On May 29, 2015 Andy was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer called Anaplastic Astrocytoma.

What is Anaplastic Astrocytoma — An anaplastic astrocytoma is a grade III tumor.  These rare tumors require more aggressive treatment than benign pilocytic astrocytoma. Anaplastic Astrocytomas tend to have tentacle-like projections that grow into surrounding tissue, making them difficult to completely remove during surgery. To learn more about it, you can visit:   http://www.abta.org/brain-tumor-information/types-of-tumors/astrocytoma.html

Andy is in for the fight of his life and we have rallied around him to make sure that he has the support he needs physically and emotionally, however, we are starting a campain to help raise the funds necessary to aid in his recovery and his treatments!
For those of you who know Andy personally, you know that he will not give up and he will fight with all he’s got!  He’s got way too many things left to accomplish and we are sure as hell going to help him make that happen!

For those who don’t personally know Andy … Who is Andy Cohen?  He is a friend, mentor, father, husband, son, brother, leader, business owner, creator, fabricator, author, teacher, patriot and so much more.

At first glance he might be intimidating as he eyes you over his bi-focal glasses, you might think he’s sizing you up, and you are probably right.

He is no nonsense and direct in his opinion and assessment of character.  He is someone WE will always want on our side.  So WE stand with him during this battle for his life.

We have started this campaign to raise funds to aid in his treatments and recovery.  As we all know insurance will only cover so much and our focus is to take the burden off Andy and Kristen so that they can focus on his well being.  Being a small business owner in the automotive aftermarket, this will also greatly help in relieving the stress of covering costs to keep the shop up and running, bringing in new employees, etc.

In the future he faces treatments of Chemotherapy and Radiation.  We want to ensure that he stays focused on them and not on the mounting medical costs.

We thank you for your love and support!


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