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Wild Boar Off Road Introduces Innovative 2WayAir System

WildBoarDeflating, inflating and checking tire pressure on your off-road vehicle or RV is a time consuming hassle. The new 2Way Air system from Wild Boar Off Road makes this process quick and easy via a centralized manifold system that allows simultaneous deflation/inflation of all tires. Simply plumb the vehicle with the kit’s 3/8 and ¼-inch polyurethane manifold tubing and push-to-connect fittings, and install one connection point valve near each tire. The manifold system is accessed with patented quick-connect “whips” that push onto the tire stem and connection point valve. Once the whips are attached, the user can deflate all tires at once by opening valve at the control station. To inflate to the desired street pressure, simply re-attach the whips and introduce air to the system through the control station using any air source you would normally use to inflate just one tire (air tank, gas station air hose, onboard air compressor, etc). The system’s adjustable tire pressure set point valve prevents the user from inflating beyond the desired pressure. 2WayAir is available in Jeep JK and Toyota-specific systems, as well as universal kits for any vehicle/trailer with 4-6 tires. For more information, contact Wild Boar Off Road, (888) 998 1980www.wildboaroffroad.comhttps://www.facebook.com/2wayair

Press Release Supplied By: Wild Boar Off Road

Press Release Contact Email: chrishemer1@gmail.com

Photo Credit To: Wild Boar Off Road

Website: wildboaroffroad.com


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